Evaluations and Student Comments

University of Texas at El Paso, College of Business Administration


Course Name                                                             Semester                             Size        Evaluation (Avg. 4.69/5.0)

Quantitative Methods in Business                       Fall 2013                                       45                         4.44

Intro to Info Security Systems                          Summer 2013                            14                         5.00

Intro to Info Security Systems                          Spring 2013                              19                         4.80

Intro to Info Security Systems                          Fall 2012                                    17                         4.62

Object Oriented Prog Environment                Fall 2012                                   23                       4.63

Fundamentals of Bus Statistics                        Summer 2012                         10                       4.40

Intro to Info Security Systems                          Spring 2012                             27                       4.70

Management Information Systems                 Spring 2012                            41                       4.65

Fundamentals of Bus Statistics                        Spring 2011                            46                       4.89

Fundamentals of Bus Statistics                             Fall 2010                                      45                          4.77


·   “He was a great instructor. He put in the time to make sure we understood the material in the course. He was the best instructor I had at UTEP. I have never had an instructor who put that much effected [sic] to make sure all the student understood each chapter. THE BEST PROFESSOR AT UTEP”

·   “Mr. Parra was an excellent professor. He was always available to help us with any questions or concerns. He went above and beyond what was expected of him. I was very impressed with his teaching stills. It was a pleasure to have him as a professor. I would be honored to have him for other courses. I wish more instructors in the university would take the time to show their students that they care about them understanding the material being taught”

·   "The class was excellent, he made it ent–ertaining and I was able to learn much about the subject.  His way of teaching and his knowledge has made me want to finish my accounting degree.  After this, I want to pursue a Masters in CIS"

·   "You are an excellent professor with highly skilled lectures, very well organized discussions, involve whole class in taking part, very attentive to student needs, strive to make sure all students participate and understand all concepts"

·   "He is a great and influensive [sic] professor, he helped me receive a general idea of how the job market is like and how to prepare for it "

·   “Mr. Parra was a great instructor.  He is amazing at what he does and is very knowledgeable on the subject.  He has a great way of connecting with students and explains everything thoroughly in such a way that helps us understand better.”

·   "Even though I am not a CIS major, I enjoyed the class, learned a lot thanks to the excellent instruction.  Highly recommend this course"

·   “Professor Parra is a great educator that really takes the time to talk with the students and help them succeed.  I would like to suggest some lab time or simulation for this class, but other than that it has been a great course.  Good Luck future Dr. Parra!” 

·   “My interest in security has increased tremendously.  Parra did a great job of making us pursue certifications to further develop skills for the real world.  Awesome class”

·   “Instructor was great at making the course fun and challenging.  Very organized and has great knowledge.”

·   “Mr. Parra engages the class to participate and learn effectively.  He shows extensive knowledge in his field.  I really enjoyed this class”

·   “Not an easy class, but definitely learned a lot. Professor Parra was great at showing us useful statistics tools and real life applications of this class. I liked that he was always available outside class and in every possible way to answer questions. He never complained and always provided tutoring when we needed it. Great instructor!”



·   "Thanks for taking the time to write a letter of recommendation for me.  It is important that you did this favor for me because want to bring a positive image to UTEP no matter where I go.  It is professors like yourself that enable students to go above and beyond.  I will remember this warm hearted you favor have done for me and I will keep you posted on my future"

·   "I just wanted to let you know that I have been accepted into the Study Abroad Program.  Once again thank you so much for taking the time to help me with your recommendation letter.  Thanks for being a part of this dream!"