Professional and Community Service

academic and community service 

·   American Conference on Information Systems, Mini-Track Co-Chair of Security Strategies in Information Systems (2012), Information Systems Security, Assurance, and Privacy (2014, 2015)

·   Information Systems Doctoral Student Association, Past Secretary, Vice President,  2012-Present

·   International Journal of Social and Organizational Dynamics in Information Technology, Assistant Editorial Review Board, 2011-Present

·   Journal of Information Privacy and Security (2013), Guest reviewer

·   International Journal of Information Management (2013), Guest reviewer

·   Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce (2013), Guest reviewer

·   Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (2013, 2012, 2011), Guest reviewer

·   American Conference on Information Systems (2012, 2011), Guest reviewer

·   Decision Sciences Institute (2012), Guest reviewer

·   Academy of Management (2012).   Guest reviewer

·   Presentations to advance UTEP's excellence in teaching include the International Sun Conference on Teaching and Learning (2011), Transform your World (2011). 

·   Community service contributions include Project Move (2011, 2012, 2013) and other non-profit organizations.

professional memberships          

·   Association of Information Systems, Member 2010-Present

·   The Ph.D. Project, Member 2010-Present, Past Secretary, Vice-Precident

·   Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Member 2013-Present

·   American Accounting Association 2015-Present

·   Association of Information Technology Professionals, Advisor/Member 2011-present

·   Academy of Management, Member 2011-Present

·   Decision Sciences Institute, Member 2012-Present